Thursday, February 23, 2017

Luis González: Nature and Texture

Nature expressionism is Luis González art language. His work full of a vibrant color palette, texture and unusual mix media intervention in his paintings, are key of a very diverse environment regarding the Caribbean light and nature. His style is audacious and challenging in face of the diversity of styles of other artists, something that makes it unique.

With a long career where his works are part of the most prestigious collections of Caribbean, Latin American and international art, Julian Espinal Art Project has the honor to represent in the United States this great Puerto Rican artist. Enjoy!

Julian Espinal
Director and Art Consultant

Inside de Forest
Size: 12” x 12”
Mixed media
My works are an approach to nature over the extended stain of color...
Nature has always been a constant in my creative process and evidence a different search toward abstraction. Through my work I want to express my emotions emphasizing the color and texture with a gesture stroke so that the observer receives the visual impact, in addition to creating vividness as a celebration of the earth and its flora.
What is fundamental is what the artist perceives and expresses, not to copy nature but to interpret it, something more expressive and provocative that in my works reflect a warm, cold and rainy atmosphere, highlighting the texture with different media, such as molding paste and fiber Glass, using spatula and dripping.
Luis González 

Size: 12” x 12”
Mixed media

Green foliage
30" x 40"
Mixed Media

Solo Exhibitions
Puerto Rico
2002 – Biaggi & Faure Fine Arts
2005 – A. Cueto Gallery
2010 – Senate Gallery, Capitol of Puerto Rico and Galería 778
2015 – Unik Prestige Gallery

Green and Red Flora 1
48" x 72
Mixed Media

Group Shows
            1995 – Int. Room Vald’or, Meillant, France
New York Art Exposition, Jacob Javits Convention Center
2007 – ICA Fair, Soho, NY
A. Cueto Gallery, 20th Aniversary

Color fall
57" x 57"
Mixed Media

1995 – First Award in Painting, Plástica Latina International Association, Saint Amand Montrond, France
2002 – Exhibition of the Year, Puerto Rican Association of Art Critics
2006 – AICA Expo, Stepphen Kelly Gallery, Chicago, IL

The Rain
12” x 12”
Mixed media

Yellow Abstract Landscape
48" x 72'
Mixed Media

If you are interested in acquire any of these paintings, please contact: 
Julian Espinal
Director and Art Consultant

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